NewWorld Capital Group

Clean Energy

  • Situation
    • Up to 100 GW of U.S. coal and nuclear energy to be retired by 2020
    • Clean energy costs are expected to decline significantly in the coming decade
    • Continuing low natural gas prices as an inhibiter
    • Continuing capital markets constraints
    • $15 billion annual government subsidies of fossil fuels
  • Market Opportunities
    • Renewable energy expected to approach 20% of U. S. production by 2020, based on 5-7 GW of capacity additions annually
    • Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS) mandate the percentage of electrical energy from renewable sources in 30 states
    • Forecast annual growth for the solar installation market: 26%
  • NewWorld Investment Focus
    • Balance-of-system solar innovations
    • Distributed solar financing
    • Roof-mounted solar innovations
    • Biomass co-firing
    • Companies addressing optimization and resource mapping (e.g., solar, wind, geothermal, hydropower)
    • NewWorld focuses on “backwards compatible” businesses that do not require material change in the downstream product distribution and service system