NewWorld Capital Group

About Us

NewWorld Capital Group is a private equity firm investing for top-tier returns in the middle and lower-middle markets of the Environmental Opportunities Sector in the United States and Canada.  NewWorld also invests in related infrastructure projects by providing project finance and structured equity.

NewWorld targets rapidly growing subsegments in the following market segments:

  • Energy Efficiency
  • Clean Energy
  • Water Resources and Reclamation
  • Waste-to-Value
  • Environmental Services

NewWorld’s Investment Thesis taps the growing reality of businesses transitioning toward a more resource-efficient and cleaner economy, driven by increasingly scarce and costly resources and continuing high levels of waste and pollution.

NewWorld’s target sector is large (over $330 billion U.S.), rapidly-growing (2x to 4x normalized GDP), highly innovative, undercapitalized,¬†diversified and complex, thus advantaging the specialist investor.

NewWorld follows a high-value, risk-mitigated investment strategy to create value by helping companies move across the “Commercialization Gap” to full commercial scale:

  • Investing in growing, sustainably differentiated businesses across NewWorld’s target market segments
  • Avoiding technology risk (NewWorld is not a venture firm and does not invest in CleanTech), hydrocarbon pricing risk, and head-to-head competition with advantaged international competitors
  • Minimizing regulatory/subsidy risk, capital scale risk (NewWorld follows an asset-light focus), and business scaling risk
  • Balancing alpha returns and beta risk in a diversified investment portfolio to attain a high blended return for investors
  • Seeking a mixture of Horizon 1, 2, and 3 investments

Our Values

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