NewWorld Capital Group

Sector (5 Target Segments)

NewWorld focuses on the large (over $330 billion U.S.), rapidly-growing (2x to 4x normalized GDP) Environmental Opportunities Sector in the United States and Canada.  Within this sector, NewWorld targets investment opportunities in five business segments:

  1. Energy Efficiency
  2. Clean Energy
  3. Water Resources and Reclamation
  4. Waste-to-Value
  5. Environmental Services

Niche Opportunities within Target Segments

The environmental opportunities sector is highly innovative, diversified, and complex, thus advantaging the specialist investor.  Additionally, the sector is undercapitalized, allowing an equity dollar to price higher.  This sector also benefits from a number of macro forces and initiatives aimed at promoting more efficient resource use, creating a cleaner, less-polluted economy, reducing greenhouse-gas emissions, and improving national energy security.