NewWorld Capital Group

Lou Schick

Partner & Chief Technology Officer

Louis (Lou) Schick, Partner & CTO, co-founded NewWorld in June 2009. Before NewWorld, he was an independent consultant specializing in business applications of environmental technologies. Earlier, he was a Managing Director at Ritchie Capital, a hedge fund, where he oversaw a legacy portfolio of environmental businesses.

Mr. Schick spent 8 years at General Electric, mainly at Corporate Research. He began as a product service engineer supporting installation and repair of gas turbine power plants worldwide. Subsequently, his senior roles included leading evaluation of Disruptive Technologies for GE Energy. He functioned as developer and head of GE’s solid oxide fuel cell program, and Master Black Belt focusing on low-carbon technologies. In his role as head of the solid oxide fuel cell program, he led a team with more than 100 scientists and researchers in five facilities and participated in strategic buy klonopin uk partnership negotiations, mergers and acquisitions, and government relations.

As a Managing Director at Ritchie Capital he oversaw a legacy portfolio of environmental businesses. Earlier, he was a product manager for MTI Micro Fuel Cells, a developer of direct methanol fuel cells, and ran the military product development team, developed the strategic marketing plan, and applied GE Six Sigma to develop customer critical metrics. Mr. Schick also managed several state and federal grant programs, and developed patent applications while at MTI. He holds technology patents in gas turbine parts, vehicle telematics, and other fields.

Mr. Schick has considerable business building experience, leveraging his understanding of science, technology, and business processes.

Lou Schick graduated cum laude with a BS in Physics and Phi Beta Kappa from Union College and holds an MS in Physics from Cornell University.