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Stefan Heck, PhD

Stefan Heck is co-author of Resource Revolution (published by Melcher Media, April 2014), and a Consulting Professor at Stanford University. He was previously Director of the Sustainability and Resource Productivity Practice at McKinsey & Co. and founded and led the Firm’s Global Cleantech Practice and the Industrial Practice in the Northeastern U.S. At McKinsey, Dr. Heck served leading technology, industrial, and energy companies, including solar, materials, energy storage & batteries, electric vehicle, building systems, utility, energy efficiency, and renewables companies, as well as private equity firms and sovereign wealth funds investing in CleanTech. Dr. Heck also worked with a number of foundations focused on sustainability, energy, and environment. Dr. Heck focused on strategy and innovation, including topics such as new business building, growth, portfolio management, business model transformation, China expansion, global scaling, M&A/alliances/partnerships/licensing, innovation culture, idea generation, product and technology development.

Dr. Heck previously led McKinsey’s Global Semiconductor Practice and has served many of the leading global semiconductor companies around the world on operational and strategic topics for many years, including extensive time in Asia.

Stefan Heck received a Ph.D. in Cognitive Science from UCSD and a BS with honors in Symbolic Systems from Stanford University. His research focused on neural network algorithms and the neural basis of reasoning. Prior to joining McKinsey, he was responsible for developing Apple’s web presence, built a prototype agent-based satellite image delivery systems for NASA, founded the Stanford Solar Car Project and built two generations of solar power cars, developed expert systems for IBM, and developed pattern recognition neural networks at Xerox PARC.