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Mark Loch

Mark Loch is the Founder and Managing Director of Highland Venture Group, LLC, a firm dedicated to provide capital and business development support to early stage start-ups and high potential growth enterprises in the climate response and sustainability space.  Mark Loch is also a Director at Redstone Strategy, LLC where he advises philanthropic foundations and NGOs on their environmental and climate response strategies, in particular directed at the power, transportation, and water sectors.  Previously, Mark Loch was a Director at McKinsey & Company where he led development of geographic and functional practices in the Americas, Africa, and the Middle East and was Director of the Global McKinsey Organizational Health Index initiative.

Over the past thirty years, Mark Loch has led business development, growth strategies, and organizational effectiveness initiatives across more then one hundred growth initiatives and thirty new business development efforts spanning a range of industry sectors

Mark Loch holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering with an emphasis on energy systems from Georgia Institute of Technology and an MBA from Harvard Business School.