NewWorld Capital Group

Ali Iz

Managing Partner

Ali Iz, Managing Partner, co-founded NewWorld in June 2009. Before NewWorld, he was a Venture Partner at CMEA Capital, where he concentrated on advanced energy investments.

Earlier, Mr. Iz was Business Development Leader for General Electric’s Energy Division, responsible for acquisitions in renewable technologies and power generation. Prior to that, he served as GE Energy’s General Manager of Technology Growth, focusing on growth opportunities in alternative energy, including solar, fuel cells, and ceramic composites. Before that, he was General Manager of GE Energy’s solar business, where he led GE’s entry into the solar industry with the acquisition and integration of Astropower, a solar power company. Mr. Iz joined General Electric’s Power Systems Division in 1990 and held leadership positions in services, sales, and commercial operations.

Mr. Iz has led acquisitions in alternative or renewable energy technologies that are now key engines in GE’s ecomagination® initiative, including the acquisition of Jenbacher, the leader in the gas reciprocating engine business; Stamet, an enabling technology for coal gasification; and Baglan Bay, an advanced gas turbine combined cycle power project. Mr. Iz has led or was a participant in closed investments and acquisitions with aggregate valuation approaching $2 billion at the time of transaction. He has 32 years experience in the energy industry, with 9 years in alternative technology investments and 5 years in project development.

Mr. Iz’s 17-year career at GE Energy included 6 years in business development (mergers & acquisitions) and 5 years in global project development. He has led or was involved in the origination, evaluation and execution of many key GE Energy acquisitions, including renewable energy technologies. He led or participated in teams that evaluated a variety of technologies, markets and industries, developed investment strategies and theses, and carried out diligence on target companies. Mr. Iz’s operating experience includes addressing challenges of rapid growth, technology development, and supply chain management.

Mr. Iz started his career in operations, sales, and business development with an engineering and construction company in Istanbul.

Mr. Iz is Chairman of PosiGen, Inc., a NewWorld portfolio company.  He is also a director of a portfolio of solar projects managed by Soltage, LLC and a director of a portfolio of solar projects managed by Nautilus Solar.

Ali Iz graduated from the University of Michigan with a BS in Industrial and Operations Engineering and holds an MS in Industrial Management from Columbia University.