NewWorld Capital Group


  • Situation
    • U.S. waste generation per capita is now 4.5 lbs/day, nearly double 1960 levels
    • Over 60% of waste still goes directly into landfills
    • Consumer behavior is difficult to change
    • Industry is change resistant
  • Market Opportunities
    • Aggregate market forecast to grow 3-4% CAGR through 2016 (many segments growing much faster)
    • Oil & Gas drilling waste management forecast to grow at 10% CAGR through 2018
    • Historically-low multiples create opportunity for exit multiple expansion based on growth
    • Increasing focus on “dematerialization” to reduce materials content and excess energy use in products and packaging
  • NewWorld Investment Focus
    • Waste-to-energy conversion
    • Waste-to-materials recovery
    • Waste stream management
    • Waste-to-fertilizer conversion
    • NewWorld focuses on “backwards compatible” businesses that do not require material change in the downstream product distribution and service system