NewWorld Capital Group

Environmental Services

  • Situation
    • Environmental services play an important role in addressing environmental inefficiencies in the U.S.
    • Segment features growing, low-cyclical demand
    • Commercial scale and sufficient capital are necessary for many of the segment’s business models
  • Market Opportunities
    • Aggregate market forecast to grow 3-4% CAGR through 2016 (many segments growing much faster)
    • ESCO market forecast to grow at 8% CAGR through 2018
    • Environmental sensor and monitoring market forecast to grow at 6-7% CAGR through 2016
    • Segment is less incentivized by current regulation and legislation than other segments
  • NewWorld Investment Focus
    • Service companies with consolidation potential
    • Energy services companies (ESCOs)
    • Related information and analytical services
    • Regulatory compliance services
    • Green supply chain services
    • NewWorld focuses on “backwards compatible” businesses that do not require material change in the downstream product distribution and service system